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4 Steps to Finding and Selecting the
Right Location for Your Business


Selecting a location is one of the most important tasks you have as a business owner or manager.


At a minimum, your location will impact your ability to attract employees and service your clients. Those two factors can make or break your business especially if you have a retail or service business.


BUILT-RIGHT®. is pleased to provide this guide to help you select the right location for your business in Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond and other locations in the Seattle Metro area.

1. Identify Business Requirements For Your New Location:


  Have you created a business plan? If not, stop here.



Define monthly budget including rent, utilities and parking.


  What type of visibility does your business need?


  What is the optimum demographic for your business? Are demographics relevant?


  What other competitor businesses are located in the area?



What type of business would it be beneficial to be near?


  Would close access to bus routes and transit be a benefit?


  How does activity in the neighborhood and building change after dark?


  Create a key business requirements checklist for your location search


2. Determine The Approximate Size Of Space That You Will Need:



What type of rooms do you need in the space?



Does your business need offices, open office areas, conference rooms,  kitchenette, break rooms, restrooms, storage areas, labs, reception, waiting area, exam rooms, media rooms, retail display, copy room, shipping, receiving, library, resource center, clean room, treatment rooms, recreation area, exercise room, cafeteria, shower room, server room or any other specialty rooms?



How many of each type of room do you need?



What size do the rooms need to be?



Could some rooms be used for multiple purposes or flex space?



What are the egress requirements? Does your business need a secondary exit?


  Does your business need ground floor access?


  Does your business need a loading dock?



Does your business need direct exterior access or interior access through a lobby or hallway?


  Is stair access acceptable or do you need elevator access?


  How many parking spaces does your business need for your employees?



How many parking spots does your business need for customers?



Is there room for secure bike storage?



What are your businesses physical and electronic security requirements?



Is office sharing possible with employees working from home part of the work week?


3. Create A Search Plan For Finding A New Location:


  Use multiple sources to find a location. If you work with only one entity you will not see all of the spaces that may work for your business.



Sources to consider included: Brokers, Property Managers, Landlords, Referrals, Newspapers, Street Signs, Internet, business news sheets and local weekly news sheets.



A few Internet sources for finding leased space include the following:,,,, and


  Use your business requirement checklists to focus your location search.


  Drive through your selected area to find neighborhoods that may be suitable.



Check major commercial property management flyers to review rental rates and terms.


  Review newsletters and internet blogs to identify current vacancy rates and market conditions.


4. Select A Location:


  Use a site walk checklist to compare locations.



When you have narrowed your search to 3 locations invite a qualified tenant improvement contractor to visit your top location.


  Use the tenant improvement contractor qualification checklist to validate your tenant improvement contractor selection.




This document is provided to as a helpful resource. It is a starting point but it is not intended to cover every conceivable situation. Using experienced advisors should always be considered before you sign any lease or commit to any outlay for tenant improvements.

Check list provided by BUILT-RIGHT®.  - © 2012

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