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We believe that safety procedures and protocols must be followed every day. Our crews don’t take shortcuts. They adhere to our safety practices. .

If you are planning a tenant improvement project, we also provide resources on tenant site safety and security to help you.

The systems we employ take the risk out of tenant improvement projects in the medical, office and retail markets. These systems eliminate most of the problems property managers, landlords, brokers and tenants so often experience in commercial construction projects in Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond and other locations in the Seattle Metro area..

BUILT-RIGHT® Site Safety Practices

Here are some of the procedures we employ to ensure the safety of our crews:

We have a customized safety plan in place and available at every job site
A clean job site is an efficient and safe job site and we utilize a daily checklist to ensure the site is clean and organized at the beginning and end of each day
Each employee is issued a duffel bag containing personal protection equipment including: safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hat, gloves, respirator, dust masks, first aid kit and coveralls.
Weekly safety meetings are conducted using material provided by Safety Services.
Each employee receives up to 50 hours of safety training per year
A site safety inspection is conducted at the start of the project and reviewed daily by the project supervisor for employee and subcontractor compliance.

We don’t take safety for granted even in training our long time employees.

We believe that keeping a clean and safe work environment has helped us to consistently complete projects on time.

In the last 10 years, 95.3% of the time, tenants were operational on or before the date promised.

Our Tenant Improvement Process
Includes Resources for
Property Managers, Landlords, Brokers and Tenants on Safety and Security

Safety and security are obviously important items to incorporate into any tenant improvement project. Please take advantage of the helpful resources on safety and security we have created. They are part of the tenant improvement guides available for download.

Evaluating safety and security must be done prior to the start of construction because changes made after the project is completed are far more expensive to implement.

Tenant Site Safety and Security

Some of the key questions that all tenants should consider in their planning include:

Do you have a disaster recovery plan covering your equipment and business data?
Do you need physical security with controlled keys?
Do you need key card access with entry and exit records?
Would video surveillance be a good idea for interior and exterior security?
Is the parking lot well lit?
What is the neighborhood like at night?
Does the demising wall extend to the structure in your space?
Are deadbolts installed at the entry doors?
Are the door strike plates secured to the building structure or just to the wood door frame?
Is the rooftop access secure?
Is the roof accessible from outside or from common areas?
Do accessible windows have security film on the inside in case of forced entry?
Is the roof accessible from outside or from common areas?
Do accessible windows have security film on the inside in case of forced entry?
Are fire extinguishers accessible with inspection tags that are up to date?
Are emergency exit doors and pathways clear for emergency egress?

The experience we have gained in successfully completing over 500 “fast-track” tenant improvement projects help us to identify safety and security needs that other less experienced Seattle contractors may miss.

If you have an improvement project for a tenant in the medical, office or retail market and you want it completed as bid by a Seattle contractor with an enviable safety record please call us at 206-542-2000 and invite us to your next tenant site walk.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to becoming your preferred tenant improvement contractor in the Seattle area.

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